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Istapods is the best Pod solution for organizing, saving time
and increasing your engagement on Instagram.
Boosting your community has never been easier.

What is an Instagram pod?

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Operating system*

With Istapods you
can participate each
hour in a round

Start now and see the popularity
of your content increase!

Every round targets a specific number of premium
influencers that can interact by liking or commenting
your posts.

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Participating is simple,
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for you!

As soon as a round starts you will have access to the content published by the other influencers.
Your job is to express your opinion. Istapods rewards those that are actively participating boosting visibility of their content.


Get relevant data!

The “love and comment count” doesn’t tell the whole
story. Istapods analytics gives you a deep insight
so that you can monitor the success of your profile.