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The idea

We created Istapods to help you to achieve a greater engagement through exchanging likes and qualified comments.

Istapods is an exclusive community of influencers who want to increase their popularity on Instagram, engaging in qualified and genuine interactions.
We are not a bot and we do not offer automated services. Our app is offering you the opportunity to participate in simple and organized pods.
We are the first app that is able to offer you this kind of service. Try it and let it impress you!

The power of Istapods

Istapods connects qualified users to each other who pursue the same goal, allowing users to optimize the time they spend on their business.

Our idea is based on the assumption that when a content posted by a user on Instagram receives many quality interactions in a short time, its visibility increases.
Getting the most number of qualified interactions is therefore a primary goal. Istapods makes it easier to interact with other qualified users who pursue the same goal, optimizing the time to spend on business.

How does it work

By downloading the app, you will become part of a qualified user community.

The app provides the opportunity for users to increase their engagement by participating in organized “likes” and “comments” rounds. The round is an event where a certain number of users virtually meet at a predetermined time to express their opinions about contents / posts of other users.
For “like” rounds, users are expected to express their opinion with either “I like” or “I do not like”. For “comment” rounds, users will be free to express their opinion by commenting on what was submitted by other users. Istapods automatically creates like/comment rounds where at the most 50 users will be participating.
Istapods selection criteria for the rounds is based upon users’ previous behavior in Istapods.  Users will be placed in rounds with users who behave similarly.

Istapods encourages the highest level of positive participation of its users in order to achieve the best visibility results for the whole community…You get what you give!

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