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Install Istapods Beta app on your devices with TestFlight for iOS 11

Downloading the TestFlight application

The TestFlight application is available to all iOS users via the iTunes App Store. Once it’s downloaded, open the application, and sign in with your Apple ID credentials to get started.

When you first launch the application, and have no invitations to join a beta testing program, the application will appear empty. Let’s continue on and see how accepting a beta invitation can populate the application and give you the ability to install apps.

Accepting an invitation to join a beta

Whenever someone gives you an invitation to join a beta testing program via the Apple TestFlight service, you’ll receive an email from the inviting developer/organization that includes an “View in TestFlight” button.

The TestFlight invite email contains a link to add the application to your TestFlight application and Apple ID.

Clicking on this link will open the TestFlight application installed on your device (or, if you don’t have TestFlight installed, it will prompt you to do so). If you’re already signed into your Apple ID in TestFlight, the beta application will automatically be added to your account.

With TestFlight, you no longer have to give developers access to your Unique Device Identifier (UDID); instead, Apple manages everything for the developer, and lets you — as a tester — download the application on any of your devices (and even new devices when you get them, without having to go through the provisioning process again).

With TestFlight, you can also be assured that the developers of the beta applications won’t use unauthorized APIs to steal your device information, because developers have to go through a similar review process for beta apps as they do for official iTunes Store applications. In this review process (which happens before downloads are available to beta testers), Apple ensures that no unauthorized APIs are used and that the app conforms to the App Store rules.

Installing Istapods Beta from TestFlight

Once you’ve accepted an invitation from a developer to be a part of a TestFlight beta testing program, you’ll see the app you accepted appear inside of the TestFlight application on any of the devices where you’re signed into the same Apple ID.

To install the latest version of an application, select an app to install, then tap on the “Install” button. Once it’s installed, the “Install” button turns into an “Open” button. Just like with the iTunes App Store, the beta version of the application will be placed on your home screen — and after downloading, it will be installed and able to run on your device just like any iTunes App Store app.

The beta install process in TestFlight is similar to what you might have come to expect from the iTunes App Store.

As you can see, TestFlight makes it easier for both developers and testers to be able to install beta builds of applications on devices. It also makes it more secure, without having to give a developer your UDID of your iOS device.

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